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English 8A, 8C, 8D, 8E

Better writing  


  • Practise your writing skills.

Vad?/ What?  

  • Learn what is typical for different text types.  
  • Write a personal narrative, an informative text and an argumentative text.  
  • Participate in exercises about rules for writing and grammatical rules.  
  • All writing takes place in class.  

När?/ When 

  • Week 7-13   


  • Your writing skills will be assessed based on the argumentative text that you produce towards the end of the project. Link to the feedback form:  

Boksamtal Coraline

Hej 8A!

Då var bloggen igång igen. Här finns infon till boksamtalet om någon skulle ha glömt sina papper i skåpet 🙂

Uppgiftsmatris Coraline


Engelska vecka 3. 8A & 8E

Hej 8A och 8E!

Den här veckan gör vi ett kort uppehåll i vårt läsprojekt för att se filmen Suffragette som ni ska arbeta med i historian.

Vi kommer också att jobba med viktiga ord från filmen och läsa och översätta en text om filmen.

Quizletlänk: Words from Suffragette

Textlänk: How accurate is Suffragette?


Coraline 8A & 8E


  • Practise your reading and writing skills

 Vad?/ What?  

  • Read the novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • Write three to five reading journal entries
  • Learn new words from the novel

 När?/ When?

  • Week 48-4


  • During this project your reading and writing skills will be assessed.
  • The book has been divided into five parts and there are vocabulary lists and reading journal questions for each part. You will receive feedback in your notebook during the project.
  • Deadline for handing in your work is Thursday December 14th when you should have completed at least part 1 and 2 of the reading journal. You will hand in parts 3-5 in January.
  • Link to vocabulary lists, reading journal questions and the feedback form: CORALINE

8A Film questions

Questions to think about:

  1. Why does Hazel want to go to Amsterdam?
  2. Why doesn’t Hazel’s father let Gus visit her in the hospital?
  3. Why doesn’t Hazel want to speak to Gus after her hospitalization?
  4. What does Hazel mean when she says ” I’m a granade”?
  5. How does Gus behave on the plane ride to Amsterdam?
  6. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Where you just as excited as Hazel and Gus? Why? Why not?

8A & 8E Glosor till filmen

Hej 8A och 8E!

Här finns en länk till glosorna till filmen The Fault in our Stars

8a onsdag 15/11

8e tisdag 14/11

FILM 8A & 8E


  • Practise your listening and speaking skills

 Vad?/ What?  

  • See the film The Fault in our Stars. 
  • Learn new words from the film. Quizlet: The Faults in our Stars and Talking about Film.
  • Participate in a group discussion about the film where you summarize the content and give your opinion of the film.

 När?/ When?

  • Week 43/45 – 47


  • At the end of the project you will participate in a group discussion about the film. You will record you discussion and then receive individual feedback on your spoken English.
  • The discussion takes place on Monday week 47 for 8A and on Thursday week 47 for 8E.


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